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In a challenging economy, the arts are all the more important to individual and civic quality of life. The Madame Walker Theatre Center has a proven track record of presenting the finest in cultural and artistic events. It serves as a celebrated venue for community gatherings and its unique history and architecture give Indianapolis a distinction no other American city can claim. Along with its history and stature, the landmark confers on its community.

All of these advantages and opportunities are tied to the building Madam Walker envisioned as the centerpiece of her efforts as a businesswoman. Keeping that landmark in peak condition requires a constant process of restoration and renewal.

Through volunteering, donations and corporate sponsorships, you are helping the Madame Walker Theatre Center remain a proud, vital symbol of its founder and its community. Get involved today.

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The Madame Walker Theatre Center now boasts a membership!! We are thrilled to offer unique packages tailored to fit your needs. For information on how you can become a member, email 

Artist Opportunities

Visual artists are encouraged to submit images of their work as examples of a full exhibition. In our 4th floor Lobby space we exhibit the work of local artists on a bi-monthly basis. Interested 2D artists should send 2-3 images to